1) We recommend that you handwash the lid so it lasts as long as possible. The cup and lid are, however, both dishwasher safe. Our standard guidelines are that a daily rinse should be enough to keep the cup clean, along with a weekly dishwashing cycle for the cup.

2) Once washed, please ensure that the lid seals are in place - nobody wants a leaky cup!

3) If the inner lid seal has fallen out, which sometimes happens when the lid is dishwashed, it can easily be reapplied to the lid by poking it back in with a small, thin object such as a letter opener.


When your cup comes to the end of its life, it is your responsibility to ensure it goes to its happy place;

1) Firstly, remove the silicone seal and stopper in the lid, along with the silicone sleeve. Silicone can be recycled where facilities exist, so please check your local recycling.

2) Safely crush the cup and lid into smaller pieces - around 1 inch is fine. We recommend wrapping the cup in a durable bag before crushing it, but please watch out for any sharp pieces!

3) Dispose of the lid and cup in compostable waste, if possible, and in regular waste if not. Whilst the latter may seem perverse, the conditions required to biograde the cup are perfect in landfill.