We are delighted to announce our brand new corporate partnership with The Connection at St Martin-in-the-Fields, one of the largest homelessness charities in London. Last year they helped over 2,500 people move away from and off the streets and set them up on their journey away from homelessness. 

Why The Connection?
The featured image shows a homeless man in London, in 2018, sharing his sandwich with a sick pigeon. The pigeon had one leg and likely only a day or two to live; passers by remained unmoved and kicked the pigeon aside. The pigeon become friends with the homeless man and sat on his shoulder whilst he went about his day to day.

As the epicentre of homelessness in London, you cannot walk along the Strand without seeing several in need. You shouldn't feel you have to give money to the homeless if you do not wish - as you might imagine, being homeless is extremely lonely and even a short conversation will go a long way towards making someone's day just as this act of kindness towards that pigeon back in 2018 made mine.

The Connection was instrumental in lifting this man out of homelessness. After speaking with him for months, I learned that he was in the UK because his son needed an operation to prevent him from going completely deaf. In their hometown in Romania, his family could not earn enough to pay for the operation, so the man came to the UK in 2018, alone, with nothing but a sleeping bag. 

He sat on the Strand day after day and, after getting in contact with The Connection, he finally got the break he needed. He accessed their employment service which enabled him to find work, he earned enough to pay for the operation and he saved his son from deafness.

The work from The Connection is unparalleled and there are countless people each and every day who need their help. 

That is why we’ve decided to partner with The Connection to create a co-branded reusable cup, with a percentage of the proceeds going directly to this fantastic charity. You could call it a two birds one stone situation; tackling the underlying causes of rough sleeping whilst simultaneously addressing the ever-worsening single use plastic epidemic.