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Reusable coffee cups - are you ready for the change?

Reusable cups are now becoming a thing of the present, with many coffee shops and companies offering them to their customers and employees respectively. With taxes such as the latte levy being applied to the use of disposable cups, reusable cups are only becoming more relevant. Here at OneLessCup, we thought about what motivated us to create our own unique cups and found that many of these reasons are similar to the reasons behind why you should make the change away from single-use cups. 


 Single-use plastics have been publicly humiliated in recent times, and rightly so.  The facts are staggering – almost too staggering to believe, and combined with the insurmountable evidence surrounding the fact that humans pose the biggest threat to humankind and the planet, a reaction must surely be triggered in even the most docile of peoples’ thoughts.  

For those with Netflix, A Plastic Ocean is an extremely interesting documentary that quantifies the scale of our plastic obsession;

  • More plastic has been made in the last 10 years than in the last century

  • 65 billion gallons of oil are used each year to supply the US with water bottles

  • 136kg of single-use plastic is used by every person on the planet each year

One of the first steps towards addressing a problem is admitting there’s a problem in the first place – almost everyone is acutely aware of the plastic crisis epidemic, but it stops there. Through education and action, the world can and will change.


Action can be in the form of becoming a climate change activist, partaking in protests up and down the country. It can, however, be in the form of changing simple aspects of your daily routine – replace single-use plastic items with compostable alternatives, or if that isn’t an option, opt for multiple-use alternatives. Say no to plastic bags, use matches instead of plastic lighters etc... There are so many simple unobtrusive ways that you can make a difference.

The fight against single-use plastics is only just beginning. OneLessCup focuses on single-use coffee cups, and several other companies focus on their own specialist niche. Utilise these companies - it has not been this easy to be green since before single-use plastics were invented!

This is not a plug for your commerce – far from it. What we are asking is that you make the switch to reusable cups today. They can be from our competitors or us - we don’t care. We simply ask that you opt for a reusable cup (preferably one that isn’t made of plastic and is at least partly bio-degradable). Here are some facts that might motivate you to do so;