5 Reasons your company should provide you with a reusable cup

Work for a fairly good company and you get perks - bigger companies generally give bigger and better perks, whilst the smaller ones offer more bespoke perks, whether it’s free health insurance or subsidised food, travel or gym memberships. It’s a nice way of saying thanks for the ⅓ of your life you’re going to spend working, on top of your salary of course.

It is not uncommon for tangible perks to be offered too. Perhaps you might get a company branded hat, company branded sunglasses or even a company branded pen. Yes, these gifts are useful, but companies are missing out on a fantastic opportunity to actually give their employees something that isn’t just useful - something that can help address the ever looming issue of sustainability and climate change - you guessed it, a company branded reusable cup. Here’s why;


Every piece of plastic ever made still exists. That goes for plastic company branded USB sticks, pens and other stationery. A lot of this waste pollutes our oceans and kills our marine life - the world is now slowly waking up to this, so why add to the problem by manufacturing MORE plastic just so that company branded pen might spark a conversation around the colours it bares - instead, invest in a product that biodegrades after 2 years of not being used - now that’s a pertinent conversation.


If 50 employees used their cup each working day, 13,000 single-use cups would not be used each year. That’s a significant amount, especially as less than 1% of disposable cups are recycled. If 500 employees do the same, that’s a staggering 129,675 cups saved from landfill each year.


Let’s be honest - the majority of stuff you get for free at company events or as a ‘perk’ isn’t that useful to you. It would be nice to get something that you actually want or, at least, will use. A recent study by the Scottish Government found that reusable cups were most used by office workers. From a company perspective, if they’re getting used you’re getting good implicit marketing from a cup with your logo being passed around - much more than that hat that’s left at home!


You, as an employer, probably like your company logo and colours. Put them on a silicone sleeve of a reusable cup that is also in your company colours and you’re on to a winner! Especially if the cup and lid are made of the same compostable material meaning they look great and don’t change the taste of your drink.


Times are changing - consumers are now voting with their money, towards companies that have a good CSR record. Basically, if you’re the kind of company that provides it’s employees and customers with a product that actively helps the environment, then I want to do business with you.